Moriyama Daigyo Roshi

A message from Joshin sensei of La Demeure sans Limites:

le mardi 11 mars je vous propose de prendre le temps dans la soirée de faire zazen, d'aller regarder sur le site ( accueil du site, les lectures le lignage, Zuigakuin) la biographie et les réalisations de Moriyama Roshi, d'exprimer, par les moyens de votre choix,  votre gratitude envers lui, et envers tous les Maîtres, pour tout le travail accompli, pour avoir pris soin du Dharma, et pour nous avoir guidés avec compassion dans la Voie du Bouddha.
Je serai en zazen à partir de 19h.  

Tuesday, march 11th, I suggest you to take some time in the evening for zazen, to go on our home page to read Moriyama Roshi's biography, to find some ways – chanting, ogffering, so on-  to express your gratitude towards the Roshi and all the Masters for all the work they did, for taking care of the Dharma,
and for having been our guide in the Buddha's Way.
I will be sitting zazen from 7pm.

« Zazen est notre pratique, celle
qui a été transmise par M°Dogen
et par tous les Maîtres. C'est la première aile de l’oiseau; et la deuxième, c'est Sila, les préceptes.
C'est cela qui nous permet de voler 
dans le pur royaume du Dharma... »

« Zazen is our prctice, the one transmitted by M°Dogen and all the Patriarchs. It is the first wing of the bird.
The second one is sila, the precepts. This is what allowed us to fly freely in the pur Dharma World... »







羯帝羯帝波羅羯帝(Gate Gate Paragate)
菩提僧莎訶(Bodhi Svaha!)  



Meditation for Moriyama Roshi with Joshin Sensei

Here is a letter from Joshin Sensei

Sunday, March 10th, from 9h30am to 11h30 am, we will sit quietly, in homage to Moriyama Roshi.
If you cannot come to sit with me, Joshin Sensei, and the French Sangha, we hope you will join us  in spirit, to give back to all sentient beings, the good fortune we had to meet a true Dharma teacher.


 The right transmission is Sampai- prosternations.

M°Dogen wrote, in the Shobogenzo chapter « Raihai Tokuzui » :

«When one practices supreme and perfect enlightenment, the most difficult task is to get a guide and teacher. That teacher is not in the form of a man or woman but rather will be a person of great resolve, will be just such a person. The teacher is not a person from the past nor a person from the present.
After you have encountered a guide and teacher, you should cast off the myriad distractions and, without losing a moment, devote yourself energetically to pursuing the way.

When you meet a teacher who speaks of supreme enlightenment, you must not consider the teacher’s caste; you must not look to see whether the features of the teacher’s face are pleasing; you must not scorn the teacher’s shortcomings; you must not think about the teacher’s behavior. You should do obeisance and respectfully pay homage to the teacher three times daily .
 When you behave in this way [toward your teacher], the path to enlightenment will surely appear... »

When we have the good fortune to meet a true master, M° Dogen's words are alive, and present for us at each moment of our life. Endless gratitude....

Joshin Sensei